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Rep. Tim Lewis Stands with Gregg Hull

Dear Friends and Neighbors, I have had the pleasure of knowing Gregg Hull throughout this campaign and I can tell you that he is a sincere and hardworking individual. I fully endorse Gregg for Mayor of Rio Rancho and I ask you to join me in supporting him in his campaign. On March 4th, Gregg…

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Butterman Tool Stands with Gregg Hull

I endorse Gregg Hull as a candidate for Rio Rancho’s next Mayor, in my 25 years here in business here in Rio Rancho I have seen growth and change like no other city I have ever lived in, from Maine to California! The Strategies for, and Logistics of controlling and guiding/directing this growth in a…

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Rio Rancho Observer Endorses Hull

The Observer has spent this municipal campaign season deeply engaged with the candidates who are seeking leadership positions in the City of Vision. Through written interviews, a public forum and individual sessions with each candidate, we have been honored to learn a lot about each of them. The good news is: Rio Rancho continues to…

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Rep. Jason Harper Stands with Gregg Hull

Friends and Neighbors, On March 4th, I will vote for Gregg Hull for Rio Rancho City Mayor, and I’d like to tell you why. Rio Rancho is at a pivotal turning point, and we are in desperate need of a visionary leader with fresh ideas. I’ve gotten to know Gregg very well. He has a…

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RRFA IAFF Local 4877

Mr. Gregg Hull, This email is to inform you that the Rio Rancho Firefighters Local 4877 Political Action Committee, together with the Union Executive Board, has voted unanimously to endorse your candidacy for the upcoming 2014 Mayoral election. This endorsement is not just a passive decision, but the support and dedication of Rio Rancho’s Bravest,…

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Northern Meadows POA President Endorses Gregg Hull

Tonight at our Annual POA meeting in Northern Meadows we had the opportunity to hear Morgan Braden, Mike Williams, and Gregg Hull speak for 7 minutes each about their candidacy for Rio Rancho Mayor. I wasn’t surprised when I heard Mike and Morgan speak because I expected the lofty generalities they spoke of without addressing real issues…

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Rio Rancho Police and Communications Association

It is with great pride that I announce, we have received the official endorsement of the Rio Rancho Police and Communications Association. This is a tremendous honor! As you all know, I have great respect for our public safety personnel. They work hard every day to keep Rio Rancho a safe and ideal place to live and to raise a family. I am grateful…

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Business Owner Endorses Gregg Hull

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