2018 Endorsements

Endorsement from Don Chapman

Collaborative leadership is essential when addressing today’s governance challenges.  From my perspective, never before has the City of Rio Rancho and Sandoval County worked so closely together achieving shared goals.  When I look back over the last four years, the collaborative relationship Mayor Gregg Hull has nurtured, allowed the strengths of both the City and County to work together getting much needed improvements done.


From the completion of flood control projects, to partnering on several road projects,  to collaboration on a new regional Economic Development organization, known as Sandoval Economic Alliance.  Mayor Hull has not only served the citizens of Rio Rancho well, he has served the greater community well.

We need a Mayor who has the ability to be a collaborative leader.  Mayor Gregg Hull has that skill-set, I know, I’ve experienced it ‘first-hand’.

My wife and I fully support Mayor Gregg Hull and endorse his re-election.  We will be casting our vote for Gregg and ask that you join us and keep our community moving forward with Gregg in the Mayor’s office.

Sandoval County Commission Chairman, Don Chapman

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