Meet Gregg – Old

Gregg Hull has called New Mexico home for thirty years, with many of those years spent raising his family in the Rio Rancho area. It has been the place they’ve called home, where they’ve sent their children to public school, and where they’ve developed longstanding friendships over the years.

Gregg’s wife, Carrie, has been along his side for twenty-three years and together they have raised five children. Carrie has worked for Intel in Rio Rancho for over twenty years, while Gregg has owned and operated his own business.

Having owned and operated a successful business for over a decade, Gregg’s experience in creating long-term jobs and making a payroll has been a huge asset to Rio Rancho. Gregg and Carrie sold this company so they can focus on the next step of their lives. With this private industry experience and growing a business from the ground up, Gregg has always seen the need to implement innovative solutions to bring jobs to Rio Rancho.

“Public service is a calling and something I don’t take lightly. I have served Rio Rancho as Mayor, full-time. With a growing community, we continue to need steady and hardworking leadership. Carrie, the kids, and I love Rio Rancho and we want to continue to give back to the community that blessed us with so many great opportunities.”

With his experience as a dad, grandfather, husband, business owner, and more – Gregg has taken on the full-time role of Mayor and served his community honorably.