On The Issues

Innovative Job Creation

As a proven job creator, Gregg Hull will bring a lifetime of experience to the office of mayor Gregg has been successful through collaborations and will work with other government leaders, businesses, and entrepreneurs to revitalize the local Rio Rancho economy.

We have the talent and goods right here in Rio Rancho to build a world class economy, one that rivals the biggest cities of the southwest. Through a combination of additional high tech jobs and more businesses providing products and services, we can be on our way to a great Rio Rancho in a short period of time. What we need is a solid plan and the leadership to carry it out.

Gregg has developed his vision for long term job creation after visiting with other business leaders, residents, and proven job creators like himself. These are just some of the plan details listed below, with more to come, for a stronger economy:

  1. Growing the Tax Base: We cannot place the burden of higher taxes on the backs of hardworking Rio Rancho families, but instead we need to welcome new businesses and residents to Rio Rancho to create a larger income source for the city to pay for vital infrastructure and services.
  2. Job Creator Tax Incentives: Through smart, innovative techniques – the City of Rio Rancho can create a more business friendly environment, thus creating a better quality of life for all residents.
  3. City of Rio Rancho Economic Development: As Mayor, Gregg will work with business leaders already in Rio Rancho to grow their already existing businesses and reach outside of New Mexico to attract new high paying jobs.
  4. Training and Retraining Programs for Adults: We are in an ever-changing world, which means the careers that our parents and grandparents once held are not always available. Using the higher education facilities in Rio Rancho, Gregg will create a partnership to allow adults to train and retrain for different professional skills.
  5. Finish Projects that Are Started: Under a Hull administration, projects will not remain unfunded and incomplete for years. That is unacceptable and that will change on day one.
  6. Infrastructure: Finding new ways to provide the necessary funding for major infrastructure development is important to our economic revival. Through his knowledge of the city and other major cities’ tools to invest in infrastructure, Gregg Hull will lead Rio Rancho into the next generation of growth in the necessary infrastructure to sustain job creation.

Protecting our Families and Property

Public safety is a service that is not just another department in City government, public safety is about our homes, lives, and families. Providing the necessary resources so our Police Officers and Firefighters can effectively do their duties is crucial to building a stronger community. No one wants to live in a city in which our first responder can’t get to emergencies timely. The safety of our children and families depend on it.

We can strengthen our public safety in the City of Rio Rancho now by:

  1. Implementing a Police Recruitment and Retention Program: We must start by working with other law enforcement agencies and higher education to recruit more officers. We cannot lower our standards for the quality of officers we are looking for, but we can make sure they are making incomes that support their families and have a quality home to live.
  2. Infrastructure: Not only do smartly planned roads and intersections help with response times, but local stations help with the presence and community involvement. Encouraging our officers to be out in the community to work with neighborhoods to form Neighborhood Watch programs is a good first step to curbing property crime.
  3. Assuring our Firefighters have adequate well maintained equipment and up to date training will assure they’re there when you need them.

Serving Rio Rancho, Full Time Leadership

The voters of Rio Rancho have called upon their mayor to be full-time. That is what Gregg is committing to the citizens of Rio Rancho. From day one – “I will serve as Mayor of Rio Rancho, full-time. If our leaders don’t have enough time to dedicate 100% of their time to Rio Rancho, it is time to change Mayors. I commit to you today, that when elected, I will be a fulltime Mayor dedicated to Rio Rancho” said Gregg Hull.

From solving one of the several challenges that are currently in front of the city to developing a plan for the future, we need someone who will dedicate their time to fight for Rio Rancho. Gregg Hull is that person.

Through his full-time leadership, Gregg will be able to focus on job creation, stronger public safety, and creating a quality of life that current and future residents can be proud of. Through the construction of new parks, community activities, and more – Gregg will bring our community together to work towards a great Rio Rancho.