“Mayor Hulls commitment to Law Enforcement and public safety have been resolute. We are confident that his future actions as Rio Rancho’s Mayor will continue to place public safety in the highest priority. He has proven his commitment and kept his promises to support RRPD by putting actions to words. It is for this reason among many that Mayor Hull has received the unanimous support of the Rio Rancho Police & Communications Association, Inc.”

-Rio Rancho Police & Dispatchers Association, Inc.

The Rio Rancho Firefighters Local 4877 Political Action Committee, together with the Union Executive Board, has voted unanimously to endorse your candidacy for the upcoming Mayoral election. This endorsement is not just a passive decision, but the support and dedication of Rio Rancho’s Bravest, 100 men and women. You have been an integral part of the growth within our department. We are proud to continue standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the years to come.

– Rio Rancho Firefighters Association

“Since the beginning I have stood with Gregg. I have seen the struggles and the victories that Mayor Hull has endured in his journey to make Rio Rancho a city we can all be proud of. I stand with Gregg.”

-Representative Joshua Hernandez, District 60

“In the past 7 years, Gregg has dedicated full-time leadership to the city that we all love, and the results speak for themselves. We have had an explosion of infrastructure improvements, new businesses, and job growth that we haven’t seen in decades. I stand with Gregg.”

-Representative Jason Harper, District 57

“As an original resident of Rio Rancho, I’ve witnessed the work of every Mayor in our history. Gregg made a commitment to be our first full-time Mayor and he has lived up to that commitment. His impact on our community will benefit residents for years to come. I stand with Gregg.”

-Sandoval County Commission Chairman Dave Heil, District 4

“As a former legislator my number one concern was serving Rio Rancho and the people I represented.  From day one, Mayor Hull has put the city of Rio Rancho and it’s citizens first and continues to fight for our community.

I ask you to join me in supporting Mayor Hull’s re-election campaign and keep Rio Rancho moving in the right direction.”

-Former State Rep. Tim Lewis, District 60