We’re on a Roll


Since taking office in 2014, one of Gregg’s main priorities has been fixing roads in Rio Rancho.  As mayor, he inherited 20 years of neglect and a lack of funding to get the job started.  Mayor Hull started on day one championing for budget allocations that allowed for the start of repairing more than 5000 cracks, over 26 miles of residential roads, to date, and we’re just getting started. In 2016, Gregg teamed up with community leaders to earn the voter’s trust for the first road bond since 2009, which was ultimately passed by voters. Once approved, High Resort Blvd and Sara Road were both improved on time and under budget.

The bond cycle yielding 10 million dollars every two years, which is subject to voter approval, has been used to make significant progress on numerous main roads throughout the city.

List of Road Improvements

In the last 5 years the following roads have been reconstructed many with the underlying utilities replaced at the same time:

Southern Blvd from NM 528 to Golf Course Rd

Southern Blvd from Unser Blvd to Rainbow Blvd

Unser Blvd from Abrazo Rd to Black Arroyo Blvd

Zaragoza Road

Sara Road

High Resort Blvd

Rockaway Blvd

Sundt Road

Montreal Loop

Santa Fe Hills Blvd

Meadowlark Lane

Wellspring Ave

Idalia Road from NM 528 to Iris Rd

Westside Blvd west of Unser Blvd

Westside Blvd between Golf Course Rd and Unser Blvd

King Blvd from Wilpett Rd to Rainbow Blvd

Riverview Dr

Northern Blvd from Unser Blvd to Edinburgh St

Broadmoor Blvd from Northern Blvd to Paseo Del Volcan

Abrazo Rd from Unser Blvd to Chessman Dr

Country Club Dr

Lincoln Ave

Cam Encantadas

Alberta Ave from Saratoga Dr to NM 528

Meadows Road

Industrial Loop

Veranda Drive

NM 528 Resurfacing from Westside Blvd to Southern Blvd (NMDOT Project)

Under Construction This Year

Riverside Dr

King Blvd  from Wilpett Rd to Unser Blvd

Northern Blvd From NM 528 to Rockaway Blvd

Westside Blvd from NM 528 to Golf Course Rd (City of ABQ Project)


First Responders

Public safety is not a small thing, it is the top priority.  Rio Rancho has been rated as one of New Mexico’s safest cities for 5 years running.  Since taking office Mayor Hull has fought for critical funding for competitive salaries, career progression programs, training, and much-needed capital improvements such as new police cars and new fire equipment.

“First responders must have the necessary equipment to respond to our emergencies. How can we expect them to perform at their best if we don’t give them our best?” 

Mayor Hull is the first mayor in many years to grow the police and fire departments, adding needed positions to keep up with demand in our growing city. He also championed the city’s first-ever public safety bond in 2018 & renewed in 2020 infusing nearly $4 million into each department.  

List of First Responder Equipment Upgrades

With the 2018 & 2020 voter-approved public safety bonds approved, the following upgrades and purchases have been made to support our First Responders. 

  • 67 New Police Vehicles
  • 2 Fire Ladder Trucks
  • 2 Fire Engines
  • A Fire Pumper Truck
  • An Ambulance
  • A State-of-the-art Mobile Command Post
  • Self-Contained Breathing Equipment
  • Police Radio Enhancements
  • 3 Cardiac Monitors

Construction Projects 

  • Fire & Rescue Station 1 (Southern Boulevard) improvements
  • Fire & Rescue Station 5 (Enchanted Hills) remodel/renovation


Business & Jobs

As a former business owner and job creator, Gregg has put his knowledge and experience to work for Rio Rancho by creating a friendly business environment leading to thousands of new jobs in our community.

“New Mexico’s number one export for far too long has been our children. It’s time we create opportunities in our community to keep our children and attract a qualified workforce. We are a leading example here in Rio Rancho, creating great jobs at companies like NTx Bio, Safelite, PCM, S&P Data, and renewed investment and growth at Intel.”

When Gregg took office, workforces across the city were in decline, and in just 7 years that trend has reversed course. Companies like Intel have renewed their commitment to Rio Rancho with their recent announcement of a $3.5 Billion Investment which includes 1500 new jobs in their Rio Rancho plant. It was the shot in the arm New Mexico needed.

quality of Life

No community is complete without quality-of-life amenities such as pools, senior centers, parks, and libraries. While Rio Rancho had many great facilities, as the community grows, so must our quality-of-life facilities. 

“We did not have a place in our community that had a sense of culture, a place to host events that reflects who we are as a community. Campus park creates that place. I have been committed to improving and expanding upon our quality-of-life facilities in Rio Rancho. the opening of Campus Park, City Center Senior Center, and a new library in Enchanted Hills are huge steps forward in growing our city facilities in step with the growth in our city.”

Mayor Hull’s commitment to improving Rio Rancho is clear and in just the last year alone, years of work has come to fruition. 

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