Proven Record

“During our campaign for mayor and over the last three years, I have had the honor of speaking with thousands of Rio Rancho residents about what they want to see done in our community. I can tell you right now that we have made progress on several of these topics and for many we can successfully say, mission accomplished. Because I have dedicated my full-time attention to our community, smart, commonsense policies have helped turn our city into one that future generations will be proud to call home. My wife, family, and I are thankful for this opportunity to serve the nearly one hundred thousand residents in Rio Rancho.” – Mayor Gregg Hull

Creating Jobs and Growing our Economy:

New Job Creation: Over 3,000 new jobs have been created in Rio Rancho since Mayor Hull took office, from service jobs to medical professionals.  Rio Rancho is now home to new families that have the support of steady, high-paying jobs. There is still more to be done, but this rapid growth in employment is proving Rio Rancho to be its own economic authority in the Central New Mexico region.

Diversified Economy: Introducing new medical professionals, retail establishments, technical services, and more have helped diversify the local economy. With a wider range of job choices, new growth can take place and those that need to find a new job can do so with greater ease. With the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in our community in the past three years, Mayor Hull has helped pave the way for an economy that will withstand an ever-changing world economy.

New Retail Growth: Simply driving down the road in Rio Rancho will show how much more retail growth there is compared to just three years ago. A new Walmart Neighborhood Market, Chick-Fil-A, and a host of new, local businesses are popping up all over our community. Mayor Hull continues to travel the nation to speak with new and well-known businesses in order to bring these crucial retailers to Rio Rancho.

Small Business Advisory Panel : Mayor Hull, along with city councilors and business leaders, have formed a Small Business Advisory panel. This group of private and public partners has started to identify where the City of Rio Rancho can improve on how it works with businesses, how to make our community more attractive to those looking to relocate their companies, and how to make the process easier for job creators to get started in Rio Rancho.

Streamline and Deregulate: Having been a successful small business owner himself before becoming Mayor, Gregg understands what it takes to run a business in New Mexico. He is working with the City Council and City staff to streamline the process for job creators to start working in Rio Rancho. This process starts with customer service; when a person calls for help, they should receive that help promptly.

Reforming Government: Bringing his private sector experience to city hall, Gregg has been able to reform our local government and make it more cost effective by utilizing the “tools in the toolbox.” Saving the city millions of dollars on projects like Sara Rd., High Resort, Idalia, and more, Mayor Hull has protected the taxpayer’s hardearned dollars from waste, fraud, and abuse.

Road and Water Infrastructure:

Major Road Construction and Improvements: Connecting Rio Rancho’s road network has been a top priority of Mayor Hull, and he has delivered on his commitment. Finding the funding for several critical projects, Gregg has led the way in building, repairing, and planning for future road projects throughout the entire city, including Westside Blvd., Broadmoor, Sara Rd., High Resort, Idalia, Riverside, 19th , Grande, and more.

Broadmoor Extension: In his first months in office, Mayor Hull led the charge to finish the crucial infrastructure project of completing Broadmoor. This was a promise made and a promise kept by the Mayor, and he will continue to fight for important projects like this around the community.

Commitment to Paseo Del Volcan: After his urging, the Rio Rancho City Council passed legislation stating the City’s commitment to building Paseo Del Volcan. Today, the city and the public entities around Rio Rancho have been working to build this vital link to Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.

Westside Blvd. Expansion: Working with the State Legislature and other public entities, funds were secured to expand Westside Blvd., west of Golf Course, a critical infrastructure project that will allow for more growth in southern Rio Rancho. Mayor Hull will continue to work with The City of Albuquerque and regional transportation entities to secure funding and implement completion of Westside Blvd from 528 to Golf Course. This has been and remains a high priority. 

Improving Water Infrastructure: As Mayor, one of Hull’s jobs is to help guide the city in the right direction, setting priorities on where the limited city resources go to build a sustainable community. One of these priorities has been putting our water infrastructure front and center as we move forward. At the end of Mayor Hull’s first term, Rio Rancho will see 4,000 newly replaced water lines. In addition to repairing the aging infrastructure, the Mayor worked with city leaders to bring a state of the art aquifer injection system to our community. Without meeting this basic need, there would be no room for growth.

Regional Private and Public Partnerships:

Bringing the Money Home: Rio Rancho has been owed millions of dollars from the Federal government for years and previous city leaders were unable to bring it home. When Mayor Hull stepped in, the Federal government agreed to pay back $2.6 million of the money it owes our community. With check in hand, Mayor Hull immediately put those tax dollars to work in our city. Mayor Hull will continue to tenaciously pursue this vital reimbursement left unresolved by the previous administration.

New Mexico Mayors Caucus: Mayor Hull spearheaded the creation of this organization to unify the voices of all mayors across the state. There are several projects, changes, and policies that come from the State of New Mexico that have a significant impact on local municipalities. One mayor often times does not have the political clout to take on the legislature or other leaders in the state, but partnered with other community leaders throughout the state, they can successfully fight for their communities’ needs.

Renewed Friendship with Neighbors: There have been strained relationships in the past between leaders in Rio Rancho and the rest of the region. Not anymore, because of Mayor Hull’s commitment to rebuild our reputation and work with others to accomplish our goals.  Mayor Hull has been able to bring new stakeholders to the table and expand Rio Rancho’s influence in the region by working with other mayors, city councilors, county commissioners, and more.

Business Visits: Mayor Hull has personally visited over 350 businesses in Rio Rancho to learn what they do, speak with the owners and employees, promote these businesses via social media, and more. Taking a one-on-one approach has helped bring forth changes that needed to be made at the city level to help promote growth and provide stability for these job creators.

NAIOP to Rio Rancho: Promoting this league of job creators, industry leaders, and more has helped our city become a major player in the region. We are now in front of many of these developers and forging lasting relationships with them.

Legislative Partnerships: Working with our elected legislative allies that represent our community has been a major part in the successes that Rio Rancho has seen in the past year. Working with these dedicated public servants to bring money into our community and making critical reforms at the state level has been able to promote growth for the entire region. Mayor Hull will continue to work with senators and representatives from both parties for the coming legislative session in 2018. 

Commitment to Keeping our Families and Property Safe

New First Responder Vehicles: Working with our elected state legislators has allowed RRPD to purchase new, safer vehicles for our officers to use while working to protect our community. Mayor Hull will renew this commitment to bringing money into Rio Rancho for this effort in the coming legislative session and city budget. With aging fire apparatuses, Gregg stepped in to help bring new tools and equipment to the Rio Rancho Fire Department.

Steadfast Support for RRPD: For the first time in our city’s history we lost an officer in the line of duty because of a senseless act of violence. While other cities in the country rally against their police officers, Rio Rancho stands firmly behind our officers and the families that serve with those officers.

“This is a team effort! Our community has come together to show that we will not accept a new status quo of stagnant economic growth, unsafe streets, or a city that is regarded as anything less than a proud home to thousands of New Mexico families. From my family to yours, we will continue the work of the people and successfully put Rio Rancho on the right track for generations to come. Join me!” – Mayor Gregg Hull