The news that publicly traded IT and tech services firm PCM (NASDAQ: PCMI) plans to bring 224 sales jobs to fill nearly 30,000 square feet at the Hewlett-Packard center in Rio Rancho sparked interest across the metro area, but it’s far from the last job news the city expects to share.

The PCM jobs, which start at a base of $33,000 yearly plus commission, are expected to average between $45,000 and $65,000, according to Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull. PCM does nearly $1.9 billion in annual revenue, according to the company.

Hull and the city’s economic development director, Matthew Geisel, shared their next priorities to keep the job growth coming.

Hull says PCM is part of a bigger plan the city has to diversify its overall array of companies, and match the available labor market to new prospects.

“When you look at the models of Intel and others,” said Hull, “the plan was always to get smaller, to make their operations more efficient, that’s Moore’s Law.”