New Mexico Service dog Teams would like to take the time to lend their support and endorsement to Mayor Greggory D. Hull, a man of vision and action, whose performance record to date has been remarkable.

Mayor Hull has the unusual talent of bringing people with needs together with those who can turn their dreams into reality.  A Park Above is a prime example of that talent.  Our park, instituted as a safe place where handicapped children could swing and play alongside their brothers and sisters is the first of its kind the United States, drawing two to five thousand people a weekend and is well supported during the week as well.  We have had visitors from all over the US to see and study this remarkable site.  It supports the community and even the elderly patronize if for walking and sheer enjoyment of its design.

Mayor Hull is a family man, with dedication to our community and our safety.  I cannot stress how important that is to all of us.  We strongly support Mayor Hull and believe he will lead us into a brighter and safer future.