2014 Endorsements

Northern Meadows POA President Endorses Gregg Hull

Tonight at our Annual POA meeting in Northern Meadows we had the opportunity to hear Morgan Braden, Mike Williams, and Gregg Hull speak for 7 minutes each about their candidacy for Rio Rancho Mayor. I wasn’t surprised when I heard Mike and Morgan speak because I expected the lofty generalities they spoke of without addressing real issues in detail. I was very impressed with Gregg Hull when he was up for his 7 minutes. He addressed real issues with true conviction and with the detail you would expect from a leader. You can tell the audience was captivated by the change in their demeanor. Gregg spoke from the heart. No notes or stumbling off the cuff. There is a determined refreshing genuineness with Gregg that is very evident. Talk to him and you’ll see. He has his sights on bringing this “ City of Vision” up to 20/20. He has my endorsement!