Tonight at our Annual POA meeting in Northern Meadows we had the opportunity to hear Morgan Braden, Mike Williams, and Gregg Hull speak for 7 minutes each about their candidacy for Rio Rancho Mayor. I wasn’t surprised when I heard Mike and Morgan speak because I expected the lofty generalities they spoke of without addressing real issues in detail. I was very impressed with Gregg Hull when he was up for his 7 minutes. He addressed real issues with true conviction and with the detail you would expect from a leader. You can tell the audience was captivated by the change in their demeanor. Gregg spoke from the heart. No notes or stumbling off the cuff. There is a determined refreshing genuineness with Gregg that is very evident. Talk to him and you’ll see. He has his sights on bringing this “ City of Vision” up to 20/20. He has my endorsement!