Friends and Neighbors,

On March 4th, I will vote for Gregg Hull for Rio Rancho City Mayor, and I’d like to tell you why. Rio Rancho is at a pivotal turning point, and we are in desperate need of a visionary leader with fresh ideas.

I’ve gotten to know Gregg very well. He has a firm grasp of the complex issues facing our city, and it’s refreshing to hear his innovative ideas. As a successful small business owner, Gregg knows how to adapt to changing times. He also knows how to bring an environment to Rio Rancho that will encourage economic development, which we so desperately need.

I also know how much Gregg loves this city. His children have graduated from Rio Rancho High School. His wife has worked at Intel for 21 years. And, it is clear to me that Gregg has a true servant’s heart. Gregg is a public servant – not a politician. I know he will listen to me and you.

Most importantly, Gregg is a strong and sincere leader. I hope you will join me in voting for Gregg Hull on March 4th.

Jason Harper, Ph.D.
State Representative