Dear Rio Rancho Friends and Neighbors,

Gregg Hull has demonstrated that he is a man of character and as a fellow small business owner; I know what he has experienced. Balancing the books, making a payroll, and creating jobs is not easy to do, but Gregg has shown that he can. I support his candidacy for Mayor of Rio Rancho because we need people like him in office, those who can look at a problem from a business perspective and find a solution.

As a family man myself, I appreciate how Gregg puts his family first. That is why we dedicate ourselves to public service, because we know our children’s future depends on our actions today. We need to take action and do something to make our community a better place. I see these same values in Gregg, a dedicated family man that has taken that passion for doing what is right and committed himself to public service.

He has demonstrated that he is a positive, forward thinking individual through his campaign and I know we can expect the same from Gregg when he is elected Mayor. Join me in supporting this proven job creator and family man for Mayor of Rio Rancho.


Paul Pacheco
New Mexico State Representative
District 23