Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Gregg Hull throughout this campaign and I can tell you that he is a sincere and hardworking individual. I fully endorse Gregg for Mayor of Rio Rancho and I ask you to join me in supporting him in his campaign.

On March 4th, Gregg received overwhelming support from the community and now he needs your vote one more time.  I recently cast my vote for Gregg in the run-off election and I urge you to join me, here are several reasons why:

– Putting our families first is a top priority for Gregg.  He entered this race to fight for a better future for his children and grandchildren that call Rio Rancho home.

-As a business owner with a proven record of success, Gregg is sincere in his words and actions. Having owned and operated a small business, debt free, he understands what it takes to make a payroll, balance the books, and provide ethical customer service.

-As a man of faith, Gregg is a man of integrity, honesty, and strong morals. We can expect ethical decisions from the Mayor’s office when Gregg is elected. I believe Gregg will fulfill the promise of fighting for a better way of life in Rio Rancho and I trust that he will make the best decisions possible for our city.

Please join me in supporting Gregg Hull for Mayor of Rio Rancho by voting early, or on April 15th.

Thank you,

Tim Lewis

State Representative for Rio Rancho