The Observer has spent this municipal campaign season deeply engaged with the candidates who are seeking leadership positions in the City of Vision. Through written interviews, a public forum and individual sessions with each candidate, we have been honored to learn a lot about each of them. The good news is: Rio Rancho continues to be blessed with many gifted citizens willing to engage and sacrifice in service to our collective future. We also have a history of closely watching and reporting on city government. These things combine to give our editorial board a unique vantage point from which we now offer our endorsements for Tuesday’s election.


We endorse Gregg Hull and appreciate his eagerness to move back to Rio Rancho and run for public office. Indeed the 11th-hour dustup surrounding his residency is not material to the race, or the mayor’s office — given the ever-increasing mobility of American life. His move back to Rio Rancho last summer only illustrates a willingness to act when he feels called upon to serve — even action that involves personal change or sacrifice. As a businessman and entrepreneur, he is wholly capable of acting as our city’s chief ambassador to business. He will also be a problem-solving mayor. Hull represents the next generation of leadership for the City of Vision, with all of the energy and enthusiasm that implies. He is relationship-oriented, making connections with others through trust, respect and rapport. We believe he is uniquely positioned to lead our governing body to balanced solutions for the benefit of all.